Share Sunday

I have had some new followers this week so first I would like to thank them. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post.


The first person I would like to introduce you all to is upcycle mom. Her talent for turning old things into new creative things is great. She has a lot of beautiful things on her blog, here, that shows how talented she is


My daughter has started taking interest in the clay sculpting, I showed her some of this ladies work, here, and she loved it. She is very impressive. I can spend hours working on one card but I don’t think I would enjoy spending that much time on clay, funny how our minds are.


If you ever need an idea on a card layout then you should check out this blog. He has some fantastic cards and impressive layouts.


Here are some newbies I followed this week:

I fell in love with a pillow here and had to follow her.
I found some cute cards here.
I had someone give me some of the fireworks spray but didn’t have any idea what to do with it but I love this card here.


I mentioned this person last week but she has made some amazing stuff this week so you should check them out here.


Okay I think that should give you some good reading for today. I have to get ready for my nieces graduation ceremony.  🙂   Have a good day everyone!!

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