Today I will wear

Like I said last week I have been working on the chaos behind our door, last week I took care of the coat rack.  This week I had an idea, this is when everyone in my family groans, and the mornings in our bedroom are just as much chaos as the mess that was behind our door.  My daughters get dressed in there, my son is coming in asking me questions while I’m getting the girls ready, my husband comes home in the middle of all this and starts talking about his day, night.  I needed something that would make this time easier and smoother.  I have been trying for a while to get my daughter to pick out her clothes the night before so that we can avoid the whole “no you are not wearing that, go find something else”, followed by the “but why not mommy” conversation that is repeated a few times and last about twenty minutes.  She would never do it though.  My youngest daughter likes to get ready with her older sister and is starting to pick up on all these wonderful little conversations I have with the older one.  So I decided that they needed something for the clothes they picked out that we agreed on.  It needed to be in our room and it had to be something fun so they would want to do this.

I found a pin on Pinterest one day that had a framed hook on the wall and an outfit hanging on it.  That inspired me to come up with these wood signs, they hang under the coat rack behind our door and cut out at least 15 minutes of arguing in the morning. *happy mommy dance*

14 13

Lola’s had a gash in the wood.  I thought this would add lots of character and wouldn’t affect the look, that was the plan.  I didn’t realize that the words hit the gash until it was too late.


Bless all who enter

We are doing yet another makeover to our bedroom.  We have taken out all the shelves that we built last year, they will be sadly missed, and have purchased new bookshelves and two new desks.  We had a very lengthy debate on painting.  I was for it but hubby reminded me that our youngest is in the coloring on everything but paper phase.  So I agreed that it would be better to wait.  So please remember that the next few weeks as I show you before and after pics of certain parts of my bedroom/craft area.

For the first couple things I forgot the before pics, I apologize that you didn’t get to see the chaos that hung behind my door but trust me you should be grateful!  The “before” that hung behind our door was just pure chaos!  I had a small coat rack, or should I say a little strip of wood with hooks, on the wall behind the door that had my purse, coats jackets, belts, umbrellas, hubby’s walking stick, and pretty much anything that would stay.  Then on the back of the door was 4, what started off as four but now only two I believe, command hooks that was supposed to hold the girls hooded towels they love so much, they now have a new home on the country bath towel rack in the bathroom, and my hubby’s hats.  But like I said before in the fresh towels post so much hung that the door barely opened.  And once when I was coming in from the store I pushed the door open and it came back and hit me in the face, and with a load of laundry the same thing may have happened once, well let’s just say that I’m sick of it happening.

So I finally made a bigger coat rack and went through what we had hanging on it and decided that half of what we had didn’t need to be there.  I wanted to put a saying on it but wanted to be able to use it somewhere else in the future so I decided on “bless all who enter”.    It now looks so much better and is so much more functional!


Little by little

This week I registered my business name, Davis Custom Design, and I opened a business account at our bank.  It now feels official to me, and I can’t be happier. I have slowed down on the orders but it has given me a chance to catch up on the business part. And making things for my family and occasionally rarely me.

I hate coins.  I hate the sound they making jingling around, I hate how they weigh my purse down, I hate how it takes so long to find the right coin you need and because of all these reasons I regularly clear the change out of my purse.  My husband usually takes the quarters, dimes, and nickels for work; and my girls do little errands for me for the pennies.  Which I will find thrown all over the house a few hours later, so I have decided to stop that and start saving them to deposit into my new business account.

Now normally I would be telling myself “I need some kind of change holder” and take off to the store to see what I could find.  But this year I have decided I need to stop that and shop around my house first, if I can’t find anything then I go shopping.  I didn’t have to shop long at the house though before I found this pretty vase.  I kept it when my husband got me that beautiful orchid that I just had to have, and then killed it by forgetting to water it.  *sad face*  I figured the size was perfect because who wants to be behind the crazy lady depositing the ton of change?  Not me!  I figured more frequent, brief trips to the bank would be better.


It seemed so plain to me though.  I wanted to add a little saying, but didn’t want the famous “a penny saved is a penny earned”.  So I went to trusty Google and searched for quotes, I found this one that I love.  So then I went to my scrap vinyl and found this perfect little piece that was the exact size that I needed.  I dressed up the quote a little bit with the Samantha font, the only font I have ever paid for.  But, don’t tell hubby!!  And this is the new change holder.  It gets robbed quite a bit from the hubby and kids but any change I find goes in there so it is more than just pennies.


“little by little a little becomes a lot”  I love how cute it turned out and it looks so good on my desk.

Grandkids make life grand

Well I wouldn’t know.  I hope it is awhile before I am a grandparent but every grandparent I know seems to love the title.

I was able to photograph one of the Christmas presents I made a couple weeks ago.  It was hanging all nice and lovely in its new home.

My friend was wanting to make something for her father-in-law for his birthday and she was going back and forth over this and a couple of other things.  She ended up deciding on one of the other things but I really liked this idea.

At my husband’s grandparents house we all draw names at Christmas time.  The idea is you only buy for that person and everyone gets a gift.  The reality is the mom/wife gets to purchase the gifts for everyone in her family and then the hubby/kids get the credit.  *sigh* the joys of motherhood!!   Someone in our family ended up getting my hubby’s aunt, I don’t know her very well but I do know she is totally in love with her two grandchildren (and one on the way).  I couldn’t think of anything to give her and then this idea popped into my head and I knew it would be perfect for her.




And when I went over to drop some clothes for her granddaughter, that my daughter had grown out of, I seen it hanging up.  She really likes it and that makes me so happy.

Winner #2’s order

When I had the drawing winner number two was so excited! She loved the glasses so much that she even ordered this sign. She collects Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Her guest room is decorated with them with special made pillows for the bed. She told me she had been wanting something on the walls for a while but couldn’t find anything she liked. She wanted something that would go with the pillows which said “Raggedy Treasures” and she loved the font on her glasses. I did some playing around with her requests and came up with this. She instantly fell in love and I think I have a new loyal customer!


Winner #4

Continuing with my post of the drawing for my Facebook page winners’ choices.  The first winner had her choice of what she wanted, she chose an outhouse sign, and winner #2 chose the etched beer mugs.   And winner #3 chose the cards but it was after she passed the choice off to winner #4, who chose the cards too.  She gave me a little direction though, birthday and girly.  Okay so I didn’t have much to work with but I had more than #3 gave me.

Winner #4 just happened to be my best friend that made my daughters cupcakes on her birthday a few months ago.  So that gave me the inspiration for her cards.


They were a big hit with her!

Winner #3

Continuing with my post of the drawing for my Facebook page winners’ choices.  The first winner had her choice of what she wanted, she chose an outhouse sign, and winner #2 chose the etched beer mugs.   And winner #3 gave the choice to winner #4.  So I then gave the same choice to winner #3 again because she was actually the next in line.  I hope I didn’t confuse anyone there.  So after a couple days #3 finally makes up her mind with the cards.  But the hard part was she didn’t give me in direction in design.  So I had an idea for a card for a while, very simple with a little comedy in it.  So I decided I would finally make that card in a set of 4 all the same card just different colors.  They are bright and cheery and wish the recipient a happy b day.


I loved these so much that I made me a set for my box as well.